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[Digital Channel] EB/EB Product Owner - GĐ QLSP Toàn thời gian

2022-11-01 07:30   Ngân hàng   Toàn Quốc   43 views Reference: 8546
Mô tả công việc & Yêu cầu tuyển dụng


• Responsible for all final deliverables for the product and has full back-to-front accountability
• Own the vision and definition of the product & represents the voice of customer
• Responsible for providing the right environment for all squads to excel
• Ensure cooperation between squads and manage interdependencies


• 6+ years of relevant experience with digital banking products
• Bachelor’s or Master's degree in Banking, Business or related
• Experience in digital banking
• Expertise specific to the product being owned (current account, credit
card, mobile app, eKYC, etc.)
• Project management and analytical skills
• Strong business and financial acumen & strategic mind-set
• Experience working with other business units to deliver change and
able to effectively manage conflicting stakeholder needs
• Experience making decisions based on imperfect data

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