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Chuyên gia Thiết kế chiến lược (Strategic Designer) - DF - DXKB Toàn thời gian

2022-09-08 23:30   Ngân hàng   Toàn Quốc   7 views Reference: 6606
Mô tả công việc & Yêu cầu tuyển dụng


• Bring customer-centric digital design to the front line of business solutions
• Bridge the gap between MSB and customers by communicating the voice of the customers at all time, creating beautiful, engaging products and services
• Delivers expertise on customer journey changes (e.g., nudges) while designing the customer interactions and experience

• Conduct ethnographic research to identify pain point and opportunities, incl. qualitative and quantitative methodologies
• Create and collect customer research, data and interviews
• Design end-to-end journey that solves user and business pain points
• Innovate on future scenarios for squads to practice response
• Work with cross-functional teams of experience designers, user researchers, UX/UI designers, developers, consultants, architects and business stakeholders to ensure effective implementation of design
• Tests prototypes with customers


• 5+ experience as researcher/ strategist in innovation, customer-centric services and designs
• Bachelor's Degree in Psychology/Design or related field. Master's Degree is a plus.
• Experience in banking and digital banking is preferred
• Strong business acumen
• Proven experience in conducting research and delivery service blueprint concepts, storyboards

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