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Chuyên viên Cao cấp phân tích kinh doanh (40000307) Toàn thời gian

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Mô tả công việc & Yêu cầu tuyển dụng

Mục tiêu

The job holder responsible for:
Responsible for implementing and coordinating with functional departments of the unit in charge, regions and related departments in building business targets, managing, monitoring and evaluating sales effectiveness of the company. sales team, sales support under the Business units

Trách nhiệm chính (1)

- Participate in the process of supporting functional areas of annual business planning including revenue/cost/profit.
- Build automation database to support business planning and budget preparation.
- Build forecasting models and periodically work with relevant functional departments to forecast business activities in each period, including revenue and expenses.
- Building a system of periodic and ad-hoc reports, including analysis to indicate strengths and weaknesses, analyzing business benefits in different aspects, consulting to help business divisions can make effective business decisions.
- Effectively manage revenue/cost/profit by cross-sections (by product, by region, by industry, by customer...).
- Develop and implement processes, regulations, evaluation forms, and reports on performance analysis of units, regions, regions, and Divisions by month, quarter, and year.
- Develop and provide reports at the request of the Board of Directors, Business Division, to monitor the activities of Business divisions, units, Regions, Areas.
- Participate in the development of business plans (saleplan) of the Sales Division, units, regions, areas, periodically, and at the same time build and develop sales tracking systems of the sales force .
- Calculate and measure the effectiveness of implemented programs and projects
- Calculate and provide results of KRA/KPIs performance evaluation of business units
- Manage, store and arrange data of business units; Process and provide timely reports upon request
- Perform other related tasks at the request of Team Leader, Senior Manager

Chân dung Thành công - Bằng cấp, Kinh nghiệm

- Must be a university graduate of any course in Statistics, Mathematics, Business or related. Preference will be given to candidates with postgraduate qualifications and candidates with bachelor's and master's degrees abroad
- At least 5 years of working experience in related field for this position
- Good knowledge of information technology, basic knowledge of banking and finance
- English requirements according to regulations from time to time

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