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Cố vấn Phân tích kinh doanh (40001163) Toàn thời gian

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Mô tả công việc & Yêu cầu tuyển dụng

Mục tiêu

The job holder responsible for:
Responsible for managing the performance indicators of the division in line with strategic goals; coordinate planning activities and select priority key actions in each period in order to achieve revenue, maximize costs, thereby achieving profit targets for the division in charge in accordance with the strategy of the bank.

Trách nhiệm chính (1)

1. Managing and coordinating business planning activities according to strategic goals
- Act as the focal point to coordinate with relevant departments in developing a business plan according to the 5-year FM strategic model and annual business indicators for the Division.
- Responsible for overall coordination for the entire planning and management activities of the core activities of the segment to ensure the achievement of key business indicators in line with strategic goals.
- Discussing and giving analysis/proposing actions for the Biz Units based on the division's internal analysis/reports as well as reports/analysis of other units (Strategy; MKT; Treasury; BI). ;...)
- Assist in developing/adjusting KRAs/KPIs for functional areas under the unit in charge
- Calculate and provide results of KRA/KPIs performance evaluation of business units
- Coordinating and managing the entire Master Plan, the overall Action Plan of the unit in charge, tracking the progress of business activities and platform activities; ensure output products and corresponding financial objectives.
2. Management and measurement of the achievement of goals
- Managing and implementing the plan to track/measure business results periodically monthly/quarterly/yearly according to aligned business objectives.
- Coordinate with relevant departments in managing and tracking the progress and performance indicators of the initiatives and key actions (master plans) of the unit in charge..
- Responsible for building financial models to evaluate the benefits/costs of business programs and initiatives that have an impact on business results of the business unit as a basis for decision making for the CFO/authorized person
- Collaborate with business units and other departments in the bank to build goals and measure the results of actions to connect division (value chain; economic sectors; joined projects/ joined initiatives)
- Building/coordinating (with DnA) to build models to forecast business results in each period, helping the Board of Directors of the unit in charge to make timely and more effective business decisions.
2.1. Independent Support and Control
- Independently calculate and control transactions of trading in financial market of GTS division to prevent financial/reputational losses; in accordance with the requirements of the bank
- Participate in building and evaluating the ability to deploy products of GTS division
- Participate in and support analysis/reporting and decision making for ALCO activities
2.2 Join systems/projects
- Ensure data requirements; features serving BF's functions are built and deployed in systems/projects (e.g. control function; reconciliation; integrity of information/data ..)

Trách nhiệm chính (2)

3. Cost effective management
- Overall coordination for the entire annual cost planning activities of the unit in charge.
- Responsible for managing and controlling periodic operating expenses of segment to ensure management and optimization of % CIR in accordance with strategic goals.
- The focal point for working with stakeholders to provide cost allocation ratios by segment/sub-segment/product/product package... as a basis for evaluating performance in all different aspects.
4. Development of price management policy and framework
- Participate in policy formulation; price management framework. Coordinate with enforcement units and control the implementation of policies/processes
- Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of pricing policies and implementation of pricing policies of units

Chân dung Thành công - Bằng cấp, Kinh nghiệm

- Have a university degree or MBA in Economics; Finance; Bank; Data Science or related fields. Accredited Professional Finance Certificate
- 12 years of experience in the field of Finance; Financial analysis/Data in the banking industry; financial services or FinTech. Experience includes aspects:
- In charge of the management role in the field of financial accounting and financial analysis.
- Knowledge of data management; data architecture
- Experience in construction and planning; set a budget
- Experience in building financial models
- Experience in building and managing performance indicators
- Experience in building reporting systems; analysis
- Experience in developing business policies/programs and operating procedures at enterprises
- Experience and knowledge in the financial services industry
- Understanding in exploiting and using report building software tools such as Qlick; Tableau; PowerBI..
- Understanding in technology platforms and systems
- Experience in project management
- Experience and understanding of change management
- English requirements according to the regulations of each period

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